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Dear Family and Friends,

  We’ll soon begin our most excellent adventure to the Holy Land.  We’ll leave from the seminary about six in the morning on May 5th and begin our travel, hoping to have the passports, tickets, credit cards and other necessities with us. 

  From Detroit, we’ll head to Chicago where we’ll have our first Mass of the pilgrimage in the Catholic chapel at O’Hare airport.  We then catch an afternoon flight which will put us in the Eternal City for breakfast.  After finding our new plane, we’ll be off for Lod airport, which is next to the biblical city of Lydda, where Jesus healed Aeneas through the ministry of St. Peter. 

  We then travel up the plains of Sharon to the hills of Judea, where we’ll arrive at our first home, the shrine of Our Lady, Ark of the New Covenant in Kirjath Jearim.  This shrine includes is a French church built on the site of a Byzantine church;  it also marks the place where the first Ark of the Covenant rested.  

  Please keep us in your prayers as we’ll be praying for you!

— Father Trapp and the Sacred Heart Pilgrims


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